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Sep. 28th, 2037 10:43 am
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How's My Driving?

I do appreciate opinions and criticism from those who actually care enough to offer them.
Please feel free to offer up any thoughts you have on my portrayal.
Anonymous comments are on though I encourage anyone with an opinion to say it openly. I like to think of myself as easy going and relaxed.
Thank you for taking the time to comment, I will give each and every comment attention.
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For [community profile] victory_road post here

For anything else post here

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(Trainer sprites provided to me by the wonderful 
[ profile] bonniebrit

  Character's Name: Jinx                                                                                                                                                                               Character's Canon: Teen Titans
  Canonpoint: Issue 55 of the comics
  Character Age: 17
  Fourth-walling: Talk to me first
  Backtagging: Of course
  Shipping: Yes please
  Violence: Bring it on
  If you have any questions other then this feel free to ask!




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Name: Al
Preferred Contact: Alkapwnd on plurk, Alkapwnd#4721 on discord
Timezone: Mountain
Current Characters in Victory Road: N/A

Name: Jinx
Series: Teen Titans
Timeline: From the end of the comic book series issue 55
Canon Resource Links: Here's a series of links
Teen Titans (TV Series) Which is the canon Jinx comes from
Teen Titans Go (Comic series) Which is a supplemental series that continues the stories from the TV series. In particular issue 43 where Jinx becomes an official Teen Titan
Wiki page on Jinx as a character

Original Character Background: N/A

Personality: Jinx is at her core an ambitious bad girl. She doesn't like to be confined by things like rules or morals and she wants to succeed. To earn respect and to belong somewhere. When we first meet her she's top of her class and one of the most promising up and coming young villains  in the school, but after a few humiliating defeats we see her lose her confidence and turn into a much smaller threat in the grand scheme of things.

That never stops her from trying though. She keeps her team "The Hive Five" together and continues attending classes, working her butt off to learn and grown so that some day she can defeat the Teen Titans and follow in the footsteps of her idol Madam Rouge. However when her dreams of that are dashed by actually meeting her idol in person and finding out what a cruel and selfish person she is, Jinx is willing to cast aside her ambitions as a big middle finger to one of the most frightening and deadly women in the world. Not only does she do the morally right thing by helping a hero escape but she also stood up to Madam Rouge and even lashed out at her.

Jinx once believed that being good was never an option for her because of her magic and bad luck but after spending time with Kid Flash and working with the Titans she's come to realize she can still do the right thing even if she wants to keep acting like a "Cool bad girl". 

She's also still very much a teen, from choosing to commit petty crime such as stealing clothes she thinks are cute, to gorging on cursed pie with her friends. She likes to snark and sass her way through battle and pouts and throws tantrums when things don't go her way.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Rocket Grunt
Starter: Absol
Password: Atomic Fireball

RP Sample:

Victory Road Sample:
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OOC Information
AGE; 25
OTHER CHARACTERS PLAYED; Beastboy/changeling

IC Information
AGE; 17
CANON; Teen Titans Cartoon
CANON POINT; After episode "Lightspeed"
FAMILY TYPES; Virus Busters, Nightmare Soldiers, Unknown, Dark area

A slender, lanky girl, she has the body of a gymnast. Sleek and streamlined with long legs and arms which lend to her acrobatics. She also has long delicate fingers that aid in her pick pocketing and dexterous activities. Her skin is pale, almost ash grey and by far her most notable feature is her sharp pink eyes and hair. Her pupils are slitted like a cats and can be unsettling when you first meet her. As for her bright pink hair she likes to keep it up in a pair of hornlike spikes adding to her witch-like appearance.


Jinx is an ambitious, greedy diva girl with a surprisingly strong work ethic. She strives to gain respect and loves the thrill of pulling off something particularly skillful. She believes that being wicked and bad is and always will be more fun then being a goodie good. That being said however she is selfish enough that she'll always do what's best for her. This mentality is the same mentality which would eventually cause her to betray her own team and join the Teen Titans. It's all a matter of overcoming how stubborn she can be.

She can also be childish at times, she likes to flirt, and stealing for her is fun. She especially has an affinity for gems, high fashion, sweets and "secretly" Unicorns. When she first set out into the field as a graduate of the HIVE academy she even adopted a "Creepy" persona in an attempt to better scare her enemies. This was later abandoned and she remained the same on the job as off personality wise.

She also has a bit of a temper, one would be wise not to cross her as her vengeance can range from humiliating to down right cruel. It has been shown on more then one occasion her anger gets the better of her, brawling with Starfire in the streets because she didn't get asked out on Valentines day, breaking furniture around the lair when she's getting teased, and betraying her idol, Madam Rouge because she had been disrespected. Such betrayal could have cost her her life, but she simply couldn't help herself.

Because of her powers Jinx always believed that she had to be inclined to the side of evil, but her ego insisted that if she had to be a criminal she would be the best criminal she could be. Vanity however forbid that she allow her peers see her studying like a geek. Thus things became a careful balancing act between the perfect queen of mean, and the hard working bookworm that refused to allow herself to compromise.

It wasn't until the Titans that she felt the shame that came from defeat. Time and time again her team was overcome by the Teen Titans, and these blows to her ego encouraged her to spend more time with petty "fun" crimes and less professional skillful thefts. She never lost that fire and drive though and every so often would dream of breaking into the big league with such infamous villains as Catwoman or Madam Rouge.

Her team the HIVE five began as a trio of herself, Gizmo and Mammoth. She bonded with them at first because they complimented her fighting style and skills. But over time she actually began to care about them as team mates...not that she'd ever admit. Over time new members joined the team in attempts to become a more perfect crime committing unit. But as defeats began to pile up and Jinx's frustration grew the team grew apathetic and lazy. Willing to commit petty crimes that they could get away with rather then aspire to anything greater then common thuggery. This frustration Jinx felt came to a head when Kid Flash began thwarting even their petty crimes.

Excited and eager to finally have her team motivated Jinx threw her all into the plan to capture Kid Flash and turn him over to her idol Madam Rouge. She believed that this was her shot to break through the wall that her team's failures had created and once again begin climbing to the top. Kid Flash escaped however and Jinx stepped up to take the blame and protect her team. When her team was not grateful enough to join her in the hunt for Kid Flash she left them behind, taking only See-more who was willing to be helpful where the rest of her team just wanted to lick their wounds. It infuriated Jinx. Made her wonder if they were friends at all. It especially hurt to think Gizmo and Mammoth wouldn't even come with her.

After successfully capturing Kid Flash, and being Mistreated by Madam Rouge Jinx set him free and turned her back on Rouge as well. During the entire ordeal Kid Flash had been kind and encouraging to her, urging her to consider a different way of life. And as much as her stubborn pride hated to admit it, it was tempting. After all she could only take so many failures at villainy. And joining the winning team might help pick up the pieces of what was left of her battered pride. She left Jump City to find herself, taking the first train out of town.

All and all, she misses Gizmo and Mammoth, though she hates to even admit it to herself. She is grateful for See-more and wishes she had gotten to know him better. And even Kid Wyikkid wasn't a bad partner though his contributions could have been more. She never cared for Billy Numerous
because he was such a simple minded thug. She knows it's irrational but she likes to entertain the idea that her teams apathy is his fault even though the logical part of her mind knows that Mammoth and Gizmo had levels of apathy before they even started adding teammates.

As for Kid Flash, she's grateful for him shaking her out of her cycle of petty crime. And he is good looking, while she hasn't completely decided she likes the idea of being a goody good hero she wouldn't mind having someone like him close to her. Someone encouraging and helpful, but not willing to let her buy into her own half truths. But he still irritates her a little. As of this point there is passing interest in him romantically, but it has not developed completely.



1.) If you could make any reality at all, what would you make?

Any reality? Well we all have dreams I suppose don't we?
Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm not proud of how far I've come! I've accomplished alot I'll have you know. Head of my class, one of the first Villains to ever take over Titans Tower. I just...hit a run of bad luck. And I could place most of the blame on those losers I was working with. But we're starting to get off track aren't we?

If I could pick any reality at all, I would make one where I was the skilled, infamous, respected thief I always knew I could be. Nobody would dare say I was cursed, or not good enough to play in the big leagues. I would be bigger then Catwoman, then Madam Rouge ever was. Young super villains would be studying about ME and my techniques.

And my idiot friends would actually take what we do seriously instead of screwing around and not even really trying. They have potential to be a real threat and in my world I'd have made them see that potential through.

All the latest fashion? Mine. Gems and jewels and priceless metals? Also mine. Works of art, the finest foods. Mine mine and mine. And you know what? Let's get crazy here. I want a unicorn.

...yeah you got a problem with that? It's my reality. In fact let's just make unicorns a common thing. But protected so they don't you know...get hunted for their horns and beautiful shimmering manes. Stop looking at me like that. It's my reality and I'll set it up how I want.

2.) What would you say is your greatest strength?

Well, not to be vain but there are plenty to chose from. Off the top of my head though? I'd say my drive and passion. I've been working and training since I was a little girl to become a master thief and it's paid off. I mean, there have been set backs of course. There always are, but what's not important is how many times you fall. It's how many times you get back up again.

It's my drive that kept me up into the early hours of the morning studying for class. It's my passion that had me doing extra credit projects, and making sure that I did it all with a winning smile and a well kept look. I know it sounds odd but when you're so dedicated to your craft some people forget to take care of themselves. Well looking clean and presentable is all part of who I want to be. Look the part, become the part right?

And so when I'm standing there presenting my latest scheme to hijack a load of high priced electronics from a caravan of trucks before it reaches the local STAR labs affiliate, you can bet that I will have the details there in print, and I will be bright eyed and ready to go through with it as soon as the professor gives me my perfect score.

6.) What would make up your ideal friend?
Friends are...complicated. I had people who I thought were my friends but, they were just dragging me down.

If we were in my perfect reality that I created, and I created the perfect friend. First and foremost they would respect me! Respect my opinions, my goals. They wouldn't be afraid of my bad luck because they'd trust I had control and knew what I was doing.

I'm thinking a girl. Girls are better at most things and I've spent too much time hanging around idiot boys. Sure boys are easy to manipulate and trick but if I was making an ideal friend I wouldn't need to trick her. So make her clever, fun to hang around with. But when it's time to work it's time to work. We can have fun on our heists but I don't want things to fall apart like they used to with my old friends.

She should be pretty too. Not as pretty as me of course, I'm the one in charge here after all. But pretty enough that the two of us walking into a room together turns heads. I've always loved to make a scene.

I wouldn't mind if she was a Meta human or not, but if she wasn't a meta human she'd need training to keep up with me. After all she'd be my partner in crime. Literally.

An appreciation of art would be nice. I'd like to finally have someone to go to museums with me other then just to steal the pieces. OH and she HAS to be a good cook. I'm lousy at it so one of us has to take care of it. Might as well be the perfect best friend.


As the cool breeze blew through her hair Jinx wished dearly it could cool off her soul as well.

Each night Jinx felt a longing, a need. She was hot, boiling hot, so much she threatened to boil over if unattended to.

Unfortunately she knew that her options were limited. Flirting was fun but to open herself up to another was too risky. And theft would be fantastic, but she wouldn't risk a smash and grab type thrill just to feed into her needs to be productive and active.

And so she opted for an alternative method to work out the energy filling her body. The needs and desires of her flesh made her skin shiver. The cool air cutting through her stockings and racing through her hair opened her
senses to the world around her.

She was constantly moving, racing along wires as thin as her finger, springing from rooftop to rooftop, flipping and spinning and dancing her way through the air.

She smiled a impish grin and spun to laugh
silently at the open sky above the city. Even now as she defied gravity and cut through the night like a blade she wasn't reckless. Constantly calculating her path, eyes
locating each foothold, each springy landing spot or hard spot to race along.

After all, as much as Jinx longed for action of any
sort...her ambitions never left her heart. She would get this out of her system so she could get on with her true goals.

No distractions.

As she finally came to stop on a particularly tall building and catch her breath she felt her heart hammering away and she confessed to the stars.

"So here we are again." She stretched her light and slender limbs and slowly paced along the edge of the building, "Walking the line of self control and self abuse."

There was a crack under her boot and she glanced down. A piece of broken glass reflected back several images of her own pink eyes. "I can do anything I choose, be anyone I want, this world is a fresh start for me."

And a moment she tucked her hands behind her head and sighed.

"If only I knew what it was I wanted."

It sounded so easy when she put it that way. She knew better though.

She dared to swing one leg out over the edge and felt her stomach flip with the instinctive knowledge that the line between life and death was blurring for her. "One little push in either direction, that's all it takes to get started."
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So...did anyone actually put down the bastard that used us all like puppets or do I have someone new to add to my list?

Did we lose anyone? Like seriously lost? Seems like there was alot of destruction in Neon.

[Action post]

[Jinx makes her way into Hana's hospital room leaning on a elaborate looking wooden cane]

There's my little brother.

[Big warm smile, mildly concerned that he'll be scared or angry at her]
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Attention please attention~

The Magical Teashop is pleased to announce that today is the final day of our spring bunny costumes the main Magical Teashop locations. So hurry by now for one last chance to enjoy the sights and sounds of spring.


Starting next week a new theme to help provide the soothing and pleasant atmosphere we strive to create for your tea and treat needs.
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Oh Duuuuuuo~

How's living with those cuts in your paycheck treating you? Got the teashop paid off yet?


Nov. 27th, 2010 04:43 pm
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Magical Teashop presents, Matchmaking!

We have here a young robot looking for a laid back relationship, something with more substance then a one night stand though. He's had some rough relationships in the past and needs something new and different.

Males and females welcome, looks are not terribly important he's more interested in your personality.

Must be down to Earth, patient, willing to talk through problems and face them together instead of running away from them.

DATS Agents and law enforcment need not apply

Oh and as the proverbial cherry on the cake? He's anatomically correct and looking to test out his gear~

[Attached: Pictures of Crashman both in street clothes, and his frilly work dresses]
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My Queen...err...partner, Jinx was attacked this evening at precisely [Insert time here] shortly after closing up shop.

The suspect appeared to be a spirit of some sort, I've prepared a sketch.

[Attached: Surprisingly well drawn picture considering Fanbeemon has no fingers]

My Que...Jinx lost passed out shortly after encountering the spirit. She seemed to be able to teleport and travel at speeds that even I in my perfect form could not match.

I have reached the hospital with her and she is being examined right now. Assistance or information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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Hey kids, just a little notification, Lily and I are moving out of the Hinata Inn to the Funbari Onsen.

Not to say I won't be around I mean it's not like they're that far away from one another and The Magical Teashop is still located conveniently right next to the Hinata Inn.

Feel free to visit whenever.
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Happy October everyone!

As the Digital world settles in for the chill of the end of the year the Magical Teashop is as always happy to provide that soothing scents and tantalizing tastes of the season.

We have a variety of seasonal treats waiting for you at any of our nine locations, you heard right we've expanded! Thanks to generous support from investors Bowser and the love and support of all our customers And some shady dealings We've been able to expand our operation to better serve the Digital world!

So please feel free to visit us at The Hotsprings in D'Ango, The Flower Paradise in Dokako, Neon and Junk City, Axoryi, Asuka, The Chess Kingdom, Meria and of coarse our original Tetha location! We'll have special discounts on seasonal treats like pumpkin spice cookies and lattes, Candy Corn Cupcakes and more!

Also we're hiring for all these locations so if you need some extra cash drop me a line and we'll organize an interview!

[Locked to Staff]

It's been a long road kids but we're hitting the big time now. I know this probably comes as a surprise to most of you but I didn't want to say anything till everything was ready.

For sticking through with me through thick and thin you can all expect a pleasant bonus in your next paychecks, don't spend it all in one place~

Also if anyone is interested I'm going to need managers to help me keep track of these new stores. If you'd be interested in a position in one of these locations let me know. I'm giving current employees first dibs over new hires.



Sep. 11th, 2010 02:22 pm
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Hello again all you beautiful people,

Jinx here, owner of The Magical Teashop happy to spread the word. Once again with the coming of the colder months we've brought back some of the finest seasonal flavors available. Pumpkin spice blends, Cider, and fresh and hot pastry's all to help take the chill off your day.

We've just finished decorating, a shift from our pleasant Summer atmosphere to a more cozy Autumn tone. Come sit in our Garden patio area and marvel at the changing of the leaves in all their colorful splendor.

And don't forget the main attraction, our pull for this humble little abode. Our attractive and supple wait staff who are happy to cater to your needs will be dressed in the latest of fall fashion (Modest and tasteful I assure you~)

Feel free to place your orders online, we still carry all of our usual fair, but if you have the time stop in! The atmosphere is never charged to your tab when you take a few minutes out of your day to relax at The Magical Teashop.

[Attached: Menu, Location marker and Lightpost Data for Tetha]


Sep. 7th, 2010 11:48 am
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[[OOC: Jinx just woke up and read what she missed during her freeze]

Has anyone seen Lily? She's no where in the shop or my apartment. I'm searching the Inn but I'd like some help. She made a post while I was frozen...

As for the rest of you I want to know what I missed.

[Locked to Kyokyo's rise bracelet]

I hope you're still wearing your bracelet thing cuz Lily left her comm here.
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I was just wondering it's been...let's see now, over a month since our man Yoh was sent home by that unforgiving tree god and Hana...

...well he hasn't really said anything about it. Not to me anyway. I was expecting some kind of explosion or tantrum but...nothing.

Has he spoken to any of you? Did I miss something? Just seems kinda...weird to me.
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OK...this is weird.

So we've had like non-stop Troopa patrons for weeks, I half expected to see Bowser in here any day...and now nothing.

Maybe it's a day off?

I don't think so...something's not right. Not a single Troopa all day? Suspicious.

I think your paranoid.
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Hey detective dimwit, since you're not working or anything at that greasy little parlor of yours mind running me an errand? I'd do it myself but...we are PACKED today.

I don't get it but the Teashop is swarming with Bowser's boys today, you know the Troopas? Anyway while I run my tail off to keep the place running mind driving into Neon to pick up some deliveries for me? The delivery mon's truck broke down and you're the only guy I know with a big vehicle.

Love ya~ thanks!
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Busy busy busy, I swear one of these days I'm retiring to a tropical island with Lily and whoever her mother's supposed to be.


[Locked to the Funbari Onsen]

Hey guys, have you been paying attention to all the hubub on the network and the news?

Things are getting hot right now and I'd like to have Lily and myself stay with you guys while you're still here, I was told to tell you if things get bad Ravemon's forces might come after you as well and if that happens you should leave.

I'm feeling pretty self preservationist right now, I wanna avoid starting any fights but if Ravemon and his goons try to tear down the Inns or my Teashop I might get myself in some trouble.

So um...mind letting Lily and I stay over there till the heat dies down?

[Locked to the Teashop employees]

As it stands right now we haven't gotten any threats yet so our shop will remain open. Should any of you need temporary shelter away from the Hinata or Silver Dragon Inns I've some cots set up in the attic of the shop.

Naturally you will be given Hazard pay if anything should happen while you're on duty.


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